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May 12, 2006

Preserving Net Neutrality

When I set up this weblog, I paid for the bandwidth. I pay money for the internet pipe that allows other people on the internet to get here. If this site becomes too popular (not something I have to worry about anytime soon), I will have to pay more money to the ISP that manages this host. You readers also pay for bandwidth. You pay an ISP to give you access with the assumption that you'll be able to access anything else that also has an internet connection.

However, your ISPs are trying to change that and recent attempts to enshrine net neutrality into law have been defeated in the House. In a nutshell, they want to be able to tell you that some sites the internet will be inaccessible to you unless those sites pay them "protection money." E.g., unless Google pays Comcast a monthly fee, Comcast's customers (such as myself) wouldn't be able to get to Google. Or maybe Comcast would say that for lack of payments (or simply out of spite), none of the material on blogspot would be available. The internet would no longer be "neutral," and the assumption that one IP address on the internet could communicate with any other IP address on the internet would no longer be true.

Ok, this might be a bit complicated, and I might not be explaining all of this very well. This explanation about net neutrality from Ask a Ninja might be better:

Help Save the Internet

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